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How Gardyn makes life less stressful

Published Apr 6, 2021

Taylor Paul and her daugther check on their gardyn together.

Dwelling. Casa. Maison.

No matter what we call it, “home” is where we spend a bulk of time these days. And with 85% of our lives spent indoors, it’s about time we brought the outdoors in to reap all the benefits nature has to offer.

Caretakers, especially moms, know the sense of urgency to provide a safe, happy, and healthy environment for the people they love. Today we explore how being exposed to nature indoors can make life less stressful – simply through our five senses.

In fact, some studies show interacting through our senses with indoor plants can reap psychological rewards and boost cognitive well-being affecting the overall quality of life. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, for instance, explores the nature-health connection in a 2019 report The Healing Power of Nature stating, 

“The growing body of scientific evidence is gradually nudging nature into the realm of public health and traditional medicine as a tool healthcare providers can use to promote healthy living. This is evidenced through the development of therapeutic gardens in hospital settings and physician-administered nature prescription programs.”

With benefits beyond adding leafy greens to your weekly menu through a food-growing system, tending to your own personal indoor garden can boost mental health.

Tapping into the five senses is a fantastic way to instantly reduce stress and lower anxiety. On a mission to help re-connect with nature, Gardyn is all about providing you with opportunities for connection amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


A simple swipe of the fingertips over the smooth skin of a cherry tomato can release chemicals in the brain that increase serotonin levels and bring about a feeling of relaxation. In fact, some people use a meditative approach when checking on their Gardyn, especially when pollinating fruiting plants.

“Before I get my coffee in the morning, I check on my Gardyn. Pollinating the strawberries is one of my favorite activities, it’s almost like a form of mediation,” commented Gardyn founder, FX Rouxel.


Access to fresh food 24/7 also takes the fear of not having enough. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s been easy to fall into thoughts of “what if” especially when it comes to convenient access to food.

Having a Gardyn in your home takes away the uncertainty and empowers you and your family to explore new ingredients.


Beyond improving the quality of indoor air, taking in the bold aroma of fresh herbs is, you guessed it, a form of aromatherapy. 

Used for centuries, aromatherapy is the practice of inhaling scent molecules to affect the emotional part of the brain. With over 350 million people battling depression worldwide (source), the potential for a renewed interest in daily activities can be activated using complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) connections like smell flowers and plants.


A form of living artwork, having a Gardyn in your home provides conversation, a beautiful aesthetic, and most importantly – a convenient connection to nature. An indoor version of “food-scaping” – the implementation of edible plants among traditionally ornamental landscaping – further brings the bond between humans and nature together.

It is a natural piece of art in your home that provides zen and mindfulness thanks to its beautiful design, natural pace, and appealing lights.


While the Gardyn doesn’t make any noise, you will hear the sweet sound of family and friends singing your praises as you serve up fresh home-grown food. 😉

“A side perk is that the Gardyn got my 4-year-old interested in eating healthy. In the morning she comments on little changes, like how the tomatoes are changing color. She gets to pick out her salad at dinner or pluck the basil for the pasta. It makes being healthy fun…” – Bridget Carey on

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