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How Gardyn Light Gives a Mental Health Boost in Winter

Published Jan 12, 2022

Winter is a magical time of year. The world stills, the stars are bright, and the nights quiet. Like the other seasons, it’s a necessary and beautiful part of the balance of our world. It’s also the darkest time of year.

Showing Seasonal Affective Disorder

As the days grow shorter, we pine for the sun. The vitamin D we receive from sunlight disappears, causing many to experience Seasonal Affective Disorder. Also known as SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder is a mood disorder where people experience depressive symptoms at the same time every year, usually in the dark days of winter. Sunlight supports immune health, muscle function, and brain cell activity. In short, it makes us healthy and happy.

Indoor garden in home

By making uplifting changes to your home, you can help combat SAD. One highly effective method is adding in light. Again and again, we’ve heard Gardyners speak about the boost of energy and spark in mood they receive from the light of their Gardyns. 

“It has definitely helped my mental health to have the Gardyn light,” says Gardyner Amanda Prophes Lenhart. 

“It’s like the sun is shining all the time,” posts another Gardyner to our Facebook Group.

Woman happily tending to her houseplants

Another proven way to boost your energy and mood is to bring plants into your environment. Plants purify the air, improve your memory and concentration, and have even been proven to speed recovery when placed in patients’ hospital rooms. 

“It’s a great reminder to go look at the fast-growing plants too, very therapeutic,” shares another member of the Gardyn community.  

Hands lifting up a Ypod of chives

“Even before the plants grew in it was a literal and figurative bright spot in my life. Having something alive and beautiful in my house has been a comfort even aside from the salads and herbs.”  -Gardyner quote.

Plants and light go hand in hand, like the sun and the outdoors. According to American Forests, “Natural aesthetic beauty is soothing to people, and keeping plants around your home and office is a simple way to lower your stress and anxiety levels.” By creating a space of light, nature, and beauty, you’re also creating a personal sanctuary. A space you can rely on to feel calm and energized. 

Tatsoi and Cornflower plant

Another Gardyner shared, “My child commented that either the light is helping, or watching lettuce grow is actually a form of mindfulness.” 

Customizing your space with plants you love can reduce SAD even more. Perhaps perky little strawberries make you smile. Maybe the rich, forest green of tatsoi brings you tranquility, or the sweet scent of flowers eases your mind.

Another Gardyner shared, “My child commented that either the light is helping, or watching lettuce grow is actually a form of mindfulness.” 

Whatever plants you fancy, the time you spend around them and their lights, like the ones you find on Gardyn, is time you’re combating seasonal depression and boosting your happiness.

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