Home Design Trends for 2021 Include Technology, Flexibility, and Nature

Published Aug 25, 2021

As Americans buckle up for another potential round of “hanging out” exclusively in their respective dwellings (we refuse to use the word “lockdown”), 56% of homeowners are planning to renovate according to the latest Houzz & Home Study. One of the highest increases since 2017, consumers are looking at remodeling projects to create a sense of safety and stability where it counts – right at home.

With technology, flexibility, and pops of nature at the forefront of home design trends, here are three reasons Gardyn should be a part of your next home remodeling project.

#1 - Gardyn is a smart home technology award-winner.

From traditional appliances like refrigerators (hello, LG InstaView Door-in-Door Design 😍) to home security activated through the tap of an app, Gardyn’s tech is equally as impressive and gives smart living a major upgrade.

Good Housekeeping Institute presented Gardyn with their coveted seal for “Best Smart Home Devices of 2021” recognizing that our indoor growing system solves real problems and provides real benefits. Plus TIME Magazine awarded Gardyn as one of the 100 Best Inventions list in the household category. 

Here’s how the combination of three technological breakthroughs guides our hybriponic™ system and tops the Smart Home Must-Have charts:

  • Our LED lights provide plants with the perfect light they need all day in any type of location. Gardyn’s LED lights provide the right amount of light the plants need for optimal growth. Adjust the schedule and intensity of light to adapt to your lifestyle.
  • The latest hybriponic innovations developed by Gardyn along with researchers at McGill University allow us to grow plants vertically without soil, and totally change the scale and volume at which we can grow produce. This also means no clumpy roots as air and nutrient circulation act as an optimal base in yCubes for root systems to stay separated. This approach allows the plant to flourish while constantly cycling out fresh new plants individually.
  • Machine vision and our Smart Gardyning Assistant Kelby make it possible to have the best “gardener” tending our crops 24 hours a day. Cameras and sensors are Kelby’s eyes to analyze the plants’ development and optimize their growth.

#2 - The beauty of nature - easy to place, without the mess.

While you’re brainstorming ideas for future remodeling projects, take cues from nature. Bringing the outdoors in paves the way for a variety of health benefits including an increase of serotonin and boost in air quality – minus the dirt.

Easy to install and taking up a minimal amount of space, the Gardyn can definitely fit in any home, regardless of size or square feet. It was designed to grow large quantities of food on a very small footprint: 2 feet wide x 1 foot deep and  5′ 4″ tall.

Inviting Gardyn into your home parallels a horticultural therapy session, engaging the senses, and, according to our community of Gardyners – is a “living work of art”.

We’ve woven our green living aesthetic into a couple of mood boards on Houzz and showcased several living spaces that feature a Gardyn Home device, like the space below.

Houzz is a wonderful way to gather inspiration. Follow us!

#3 - Green is trending.

It’s clear that we’re longing for more verdant spaces and reconnecting with nature. Houzz editor Mitchel Parker reports in his latest article, 5 Big-Picture Trends Taking Off in Home Design and Remodeling, the search for green cabinetry is up 829%.

Wall murals and botanical themes abound on design platforms, making for an instant change in scenery while we wait out travel bans and venture out to explore the world again. Textural accents, suggesting more natural elements integrated into living spaces, include rattan, wood, and a sustainable vibe.

Cue Gardyn.

We’re proud of the way Gardyn integrates seamlessly with any floorplan – from modern to rustic farmhouse, crazy busy modern cities to the most remote spaces – Gardyn is at the ready 24/7 to bring harmony to your health and your life. 

Work with your contractor and kitchen designer to purposefully make room for your Gardyn. Don’t worry about carving out a large space, our specs take up a mere 2 feet of living space.

Grow Healthy, Live Tasty.

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