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Grow Beautiful Flowers at Home in Your Gardyn! Just in Time for Mother’s Day

Published Apr 22, 2020

You can now grow beautiful flowers at home in your Gardyn. Flowers are the latest addition to our growing portfolio of amazing plants. New Gardyners can order a special edition of Gardyn that ships with a mix of flowers and lovely-looking plants or simply order the original version that is full of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Either way, Gardyn will add beauty and a connection to nature to your everyday life. Current Gardyners will be able to order flowers from the mobile app starting next week. 

The flowers announcement coincides with our new Mother’s Day special. Just think, instead of giving the mom in your life a single bouquet, you can give her flowers 365-days per year. That’s a gift that keeps on giving! 

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Flowers for your Gardyn

Our flower portfolio begins with six beautiful varieties. Each was hand-picked by our expert team to grow optimally in your Gardyn. Many more will be released in the coming months and to get started we have stunning purples, pinks, and magentas along with bright yellows and oranges to decorate your home. Here is a quick look at the new flower varieties. 


Campanula, with their striking blue-purple bell-shaped cups, are among my favorites. Originating in Europe, it is often called Bellflower. Both its common and scientific Latin names refer to the shape of its flowers, similar to small bells. Campanula is a symbol of unwavering love and gratitude. The flowers have a distinct look with 30-36’’ tall stems. The deep-blue tone of the bells will brighten up any Gardyn or vase as you harvest and place this beauty around your home. Campanula has a soft, sweet scent, sturdy petals, and holds up well in bouquets.

Fiesta Gitana

Fiesta Gitana calendula is a dwarf type of calendula. It will grow 12-14″ tall. The double flowers range from deep orange to pastel cream and are appreciated for their ornamental qualities. Native to Europe, calendula is a plant known to be used in antiquity by the Arabs, Greeks, and Indians for its medicinal properties. Like Arnica or St. John’s Wort, it’s a great addition to your first-aid kit. Calendula petals are edible: sprinkle over salads or add in your drinks for a fun touch and tangy-sweet taste!


Originally from the Mediterranean region, lavender was used by the Romans to preserve linen and perfume baths. It was also used In Provence in the Middle Ages for the preparation of perfumes and medicines. Today, lavender is applied in phytotherapy to combat anxiety and insomnia, thanks to its calming properties. Dried lavender flowers keep their fragrance for a very long time and are often used to perfume the house, dried and put in sachets in the rooms. A bouquet of lavender will be perfect for someone who seeks relaxation, with its wonderful scent and beautiful purple hue. It can also be drunk as herbal tea or even used for cooking: flowers are infused in milk, and then used to make lavender ice cream or lavender cream. Lavender flowers grow 12″ tall.


Petunias are among the most popular flowers in the U.S. It is an herbaceous plant of the family Solanaceae, native to the tropical regions of South America where it was discovered in the late 1700s. The Shock Wave variety was first developed by Kirin Brewing Company in Japan in 1995. The Petunia Shock Wave will grow 7-10″ tall and produce an abundance of delicate trumpet-shaped pink flowers. The plant spreads and the flowers proliferate, covering the foliage, for an amazing pop of color. Petunia also has a lovely fragrance.

Radio Calendula

Calendula varieties were well-known and were in wide use in antiquity by the Arabs, Greeks, and Indians. The Radio type was introduced in the 1930s. With flowers looking like bright little suns, Radio Calendula is appreciated for its ornamental qualities that will add liveliness to any home. The flowers grow 18-24″ tall. Calendula is said to have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties. As with the Fiesta Gitana, you can use Radio Calendula in your salads or add in your drinks for a pop of color while adding a tangy-sweet taste


Torenia are small herbaceous plants with opposite, toothed leaves, originating in tropical to temperate zones, mainly from the Americas. The name was given in reference to the Swedish naturalist Olof Torén (1718-1753). Torenia is also commonly called the “wishbone flower” because the stamens of the blossom form a shape similar to a chicken’s wishbone. These are bicolor flowers appreciated for their ornamental qualities. Tropical-looking and packed with colors such as burgundy, deep blue, yellow, magenta, rose and white, they will grow 8″ tall and will give an exotic touch to your Gardyn. Torenia is lightly fragrant.

Adding Beauty and Reconnecting to Nature

All of these flowers look great in your Gardyn or placed throughout the home. Keep in mind that Gardyn plants are plug-and-play. You can remove the yPods, place them into a vase and return to the Gardyn anytime. The plants will keep growing. Sure, you can have fresh-cut flowers. Or, you can have flowers that continue growing and remain beautiful. My preference is no more dying flowers. That’s some Gardyn magic!

In founding Gardyn, we wanted to help people live healthier lives with easy access to tastier and more nutritious food. We also wanted to introduce a new source of beauty and connection to nature into daily life. Flowers are one of nature’s ways of brightening anyone’s day. 

We hope you enjoy the new flowers from Gardyn. To place an order, look for the Gardyn Florist – Special Edition options on the purchase page after clicking the button below. If you have any varieties you would like to see us add to our portfolio, please let us know in the form below. And, we hope all you moms out there have a wonderful day in May. 

What Flowers Should We Add to Gardyn?

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