Give Mom the gift that keeps on growing

Published Apr 28, 2021

If there’s one person who doesn’t like to see anything go to waste, it’s mothers. From what’s on our dinner plate to cherished family heirlooms, the matriarch of the family is all about savoring every element of life.

Beyond the occasional bouquet of flowers and assorted self-care supplies (which she appreciates with all her heart), mom mainly wants more time with family and friends, nutritious and tasty food at the ready, and a personal assistant. So why not give it to her?

Here are three reasons why mom deserves a Gardyn this Mother’s Day and every day:

Reason #1 - Mom’s a troubleshooter who loves her people.

Research shows people with health-conscious diets are among the most wasteful, with consumers throwing away $1600 of produce every year. The challenges moms are facing include a sense of urgency to provide nutritious meals while solidifying bonds with family and friends. Bringing people together over a healthy and delicious meal is easier with Gardyn, and eliminates the need of over-purchasing at the grocery store. Just harvest what you need and leave the rest.

Plus, adding a Gardyn takes several tasks off mom’s to-do list:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables 24/7 at the height of their nutritional value and taste. 
  • Pure, delicious and healthy food within arm’s reach.
  • Enough to feed the whole family.

I’ve dreamed of this. I’ve attempted and failed before...but tonight? I harvested greens I grew and my teens ate SALAD!!! For dinner. All of us. I could cry.

Reason #2 - Mom’s busy.

Schedules, meal planning, drop-offs, boo-boo kisses, Zoom meetings, workouts, teenage hormonal meltdowns, self-care… If there’s one thing the modern mom needs it’s a system that easily pairs with a busy lifestyle.

We’ve given mom some help by way of Kelby, Gardyn’s automated assistant. From serial plant killers to ladies forever on the run, Kelby takes on the task of managing a lush Gardyn – meaning more time enjoying good food with the people she loves.

“It feels like we have our own personal gardener doing all the work, which is pretty great. My kids’ excitement over getting Kelby alerts and watching our Gardyn grow is contagious.”

Reason #3 - Mom wants to make a difference.

Moms are natural caretakers who are not only aware of the needs of immediate family, they’re tuned into the needs of the world. Recognizing that food grown at home reduces the byproducts of factory farming such as pesticide runoff and carbon emissions, moms are well-equipped with a tenacity to help on a global scale.

“I dream of a planet where we all eat as local as possible, and as many veggies as possible. This is a massive step forward because it makes gardening accessible and successful for EVERYONE, no matter their inexperience.”

Gardyn - better for Mom. Better for the planet.


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