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Give her a break: Easy ways to nourish mom before Mother’s Day

Published Apr 9, 2021

Melissa Baswell Williams of @bubbyandbean

We can’t help but think of moms when it comes to people who need a little extra care these days. They do so much for their families and we see moms as the ultimate gardeners, nourishing and helping the people around them grow.

Just like plants can’t grow without water, moms can’t function at home without proper rest and fuel. So how can we support our moms leading up to Mother’s Day?

Fill ‘er up

There’s a reason someone came up with the old adages “When mama’s happy, everybody’s happy” and “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Moms are historically known for putting themselves on the backburner and powering through for the benefit of their families.

Why not encourage mom to take a moment to power down early for bedtime, resist the urge to interrupt that rare bath, or let her sleep in one of these days? These small moments of self-care may be just the boost she needs to refresh and get back to her family with a full tank.

Add some chamomile tea to her bedside table with this simple recipe from Sugar Salted.

Take something off her plate

Mom of 2 kiddos, Melissa Baswell Williams (@bubbyandbean), feels empowered to grow her own food and most importantly, has peace of mind knowing the fresh produce has traveled no more than a few steps from her kitchen table.

“We’ve been trying to make less visits to the grocery store, and we’ve also been thinking more about the benefits of growing our own food,” explained Melissa.

Melissa and her family welcomed a Gardyn into their home and quickly realized the benefits of growing fresh went way beyond a salad.

“We just pick [our food] daily right before we cook a meal. From salads to smoothies, we are literally eating food moments after it’s harvested. The flavor is so much more intense, and nutrients haven’t been lost!”

So many of our Gardyners find their kids are drawn to eating leafy greens and strawberries right off the Gardyn, bringing peace of mind to moms everywhere knowing their kids are snacking on fresh produce rather than nutrient deficient and processed foods.

“It feels like we have our own personal gardener doing all the work, which is pretty great,” mentioned Melissa of Gardyn’s Smart Assistant, Kelby. “My kids’ excitement over getting Kelby alerts and watching our Gardyn grow is contagious.”

Beyond fresh, tasty food, we’re all about community at Gardyn. Connection to family, friends, and nature. 

Small moments of quality connection can happen through simple things like plucking a ripe cherry tomato off the vine or rounding up a simple healthy meal over laughter and conversation. We encourage you to build bonds and reestablish a human connection with nature.

And most importantly, with the human being you call “Mom”.


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