Gardyn Strawberries: The Ultimate Taste of Summer This Winter

Published Nov 18, 2022

Written by Gardyn’s Head of Plant Health and Nutrition & Food Scientist, Lindsay Springer
As the leaves and temperatures continue to fall, Gardyn props open the door to fresh, sweet, summer indulgences all winter long with the introduction of Gardyn Strawberries!
Unlike our seeded yCubes, Gardyn Strawberry yCubes contain a dormant, bare root strawberry plant that will spring to life just days after planting, providing you with bright red, succulent berries throughout the winter season.
Gardyn home with 30 plants including strawberries sits next to a window

Our NEW Gardyn Strawberry Plants Are:

  • Selected by our Plant Health and Nutrition Team to deliver an amazing growing and eating experience
  • Organic bare root strawberry plants, grown right in the USA 
  • Super easy to add to your Gardyn in just 1 minute! Simply rinse and trim the roots, then pop them into your Gardyn with plant food.
  • Day-neutral, meaning they will continue to flower and produce fruit throughout your indoor growing season. You can even transplant them outdoors in the spring!

What’s the deal with grocery store strawberries anyway?

Strawberries top the EWG’s dirty dozen list each year as the crop most polluted with pesticides. Growing close to the ground and being so tender and sweet make strawberries susceptible to significant pest damage and unable to be washed before packing, hence the persistence of excess agrochemicals in grocery store strawberries. 
Soil Fumigation  
Buying Organic Strawberries may reduce your personal exposure to pesticides on the fruit, but did you know that even USDA-Certified Organic strawberries can be produced from strawberry plants that grew up in fumigated soils?
Due to loopholes in the National Organic Program standard, organic strawberry growers are allowed to purchase strawberry plants sourced from nurseries that practice soil fumigation as a way to sanitize against strawberry pathogens.
Only two US strawberry nurseries uphold the organic standard for growing USDA-Certified Strawberry Plants in the US.
From The Environmental Working Group (EWG)

Food Miles and Food (+ Plastic) Waste

Between March and November each year, more than 90% of the US’s strawberries are supplied from California. In the winter and early spring, most strawberries come from Mexico or Florida. With a shelf life of only ~14 days from harvest, these long transit routes contribute to strawberries ranking among the most wasted fresh foods, with an estimated 64% of them lost before consumption. Plus, strawberries’ plastic packaging is not universally recyclable.

Inconsistent Quality 

Given their perishable nature, strawberries are frequently picked underripe in advance of severe weather events, to withstand long transportation routes, or even due to labor availability. But strawberries suffer in flavor and quality if picked too early.
Field strawberry varieties are typically the ones best suited to combat pests and environmental stresses while increasing yield and surviving the supply chain. This means typical strawberries are not grown to offer you the best tasting fruit, leading to an inconsistent experience with grocery store strawberries’ quality and flavor.

The alternative? Gardyn Strawberries

We selected our organic, sustainably-grown strawberry variety to align with our mission to rethink the future of food. Gardyn strawberries are meant to be picked and enjoyed at their peak ripeness, providing you with the tastiest fruit and the most nutrition, all while remaining pesticide- and plastic-free. Long live the sweet berries of summer this winter!
Gardyn Strawberries arrive as bare root (dormant) plants. These plants will have roots and a short, thick stem called a “crown” that will begin growing new leaves shortly after you place them on your Gardyn!
Learn more about our bare root strawberries in our Help Center including our Arrival Guide and Care Guide.

Strawberries are available in packs of 3, 5, and 10.

Members can also order using credit in our app!

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