Gardyn Solutions: Keeping Plants Healthy With yCovers

Published Aug 27, 2021

We’re all about collaboration here at Gardyn, especially when it comes to the feedback of our Gardyners.

They ask and we listen.

So when the topic of algae kept surfacing in the Gardyner Facebook Group and Customer Support, our team knew we had to troubleshoot this annoying green goo. While algae is common, it grows when it comes into contact with light, nutrients, and water in any growing system – hydroponic and dirt alike, it’s still annoying. To prevent algae from forming, you want to remove one of the sources it needs to survive. And the easiest one to control is light.

Enter yCovers.

These stylish soft silicone inserts fit perfectly on Gardyn yCubes to block light from creating algae on the surface of the growing medium.

While a little algae does not pose a threat to you or your plants, it could – over time and in larger quantities – make it difficult for new sprouts to compete, invite unwelcome pests to your Gardyn, and upset the balance of pH in your system. An overabundance of algae can impact the health and growth of your plants. Read more about when to pop yCovers on yCubes in the Help Center.

Beyond adding yCovers, we’ve got you covered with a couple of other tips to ensure your Gardyn and your plants keep growing healthy.

#1 - Use Pod Caps

If you have any empty yPod, cover it with one of the caps you received in your welcome kit. If you need more than what you received, Pod Caps are available for purchase on our website here. You can also use something opaque such as tin foil. All spots should be fully closed so that no light can enter your device.

#2 - Keep Your Gardyn Healthy

There’s a reason we repeatedly remind you to refresh the water tank! It makes a big difference when maintaining your Gardyn system’s hygiene – trust us, you will see the benefits.

Adding H202 to your tank’s water after every refill and top off is a very effective preventive measure against algae and biofilm. In addition to our standard recommendation to Refresh the Water every month, you should consider Deep Cleaning the Gardyn every 6 months to keep your plants healthy and happy.

If you still have questions about algae or your Gardyn, please send a short description of what you are experiencing to [email protected] or chat with us during business hours.

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