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Spice Up Your Summer With Gardyn Hot Pepper Recipes

Published Jul 25, 2022

This month, Gardyn introduces two new pepper varieties to our members: the Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper and the Lemon Hot Pepper. Both will help spice up your summer and are only available through the end of September!
Hot Peppers’ capsaicin content, or heat level, is measured and ranked on the Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) Scale. Currently, the Carolina Reaper tops the scale at 2,200,000 SHU! Luckily, our new pepper varieties don’t rack up nearly as many SHU’s while still packing a flavor punch. We promise, your taste buds will thank us!
Now is the time to curate your Gardyn pepper collection by choosing from our five tasty varieties: Sweet Peppers, Banana Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers, and Lemon Hot Peppers!
Find out where each variety falls on our Gardyn Pepper Scoville Scale below.
Hot peppers are delicious raw, grilled, or stuffed. In small amounts, they add a pop of flavor to spice up any dish.
Did you know there are also many ways to preserve peppers? Keep reading to get 4 tasty techniques and recipes perfect for your Gardyn pepper harvests!
Pickling is a great way to preserve a variety of different vegetables from your Gardyn, especially peppers! The pickling process brings out wonderful flavor combinations, and it’s an excellent way to extend the shelf life of your harvests.
Complete this totally customizable recipe in under 30 minutes. You can control the heat level by replacing some of the hot peppers for sweeter options like our Sweet Peppers or Banana Peppers. You can also try your hand at making fermented hot sauce which is full of healthy probiotics. Have fun and experiment!
If you find yourself with more peppers than you can eat, try this recipe for hot pepper jelly. This versatile jelly can be used as a dip, marinade, glaze, spread on cheese and crackers, and so much more. This recipe uses 4 cups of peppers and is customizable to any varieties you have growing on your Gardyn. 

DIY Spicy Seasoning Blend

Did you know drying peppers allows you to store them for up to a year? It’s best to use a dehydrator, but you can also hang the peppers to air dry. Once dry, use a spice grinder or blender to turn them into your own homemade pepper seasoning.

Are you team hot or sweet? 🌶️  Leave a comment on our official Facebook group and tell us what type of peppers you would like to see more of!

We also want to see your Gardyn peppers! Share photos with us of  your pepper harvests and creations. Tag us on Instagram @GardynTech  

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