Gardyn Home Kit 2.0 Unveiled

Published Nov 1, 2021

Today, Gardyn announces the launch of the Gardyn Home Kit 2.0, building upon Gardyn’s revolutionary technology with improvements that take your indoor “Gardyning” experience to the next level while also bringing an artful aesthetic to your home’s interior design. The 2.0 version features an enhanced column design to make the hybriponicTM system even more efficient at growing plants and easier to maintain. The ultrasonic sensors improve the accuracy of plant water intake measurements and a more energy-efficient pump with embedded performance monitoring optimizes further plant irrigation.


Gardyn 2.0: Meet your New Gardyn Home:

  • Only AI-powered vertical garden designed for indoors. No green-thumb required!
  • HybriponicTM technology yields the most plant density: 30 plants, 50+ varieties, only 2 sqft
  • New column design bring natural beauty to your home’s interior
  • Ultrasonic sensors for higher accuracy of plant water intake
  • Energy-efficient pump with performance monitoring to optimize plant irrigation


“In our quest to create the best indoor vertical garden on the market with our patented Hybriponic™ technology, we spent the last 18 months making thoughtful improvements to bring the system to the next level of efficiency and support our phenomenal community of ‘Gardyners’”, said FX Rouxel, founder and CEO of Gardyn. “Gardyn Home 2.0 will allow users to grow large quantities of nutrient-dense produce at home even more seamlessly while reducing their environmental impact on the planet.” 


Gardyn Home 2.0 benefits from the same technological breakthroughs introduced with Gardyn Home 1.0 last year:

  • Gardyn’s novel Hybriponic™ technology offers an unparalleled density of produce on a very small footprint: 8-10lb of produce per month in only 2 sqft, including large plants (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, etc.)
  • Unlike all other hydroponic systems, Gardyn’s Hybriponic™ technology is optimized for use inside your home. You can take your plants out of your Gardyn to harvest them in your kitchen, reshuffle them the way you want with no gross mass of roots to manage or any risk of water spillage on the floor. No dirt, no mess. Plants are Pure Plug-n-Play!
  • Kelby, Gardyn’s advanced AI, monitors your Gardyn 24/7 through multiple sensors (cameras, temperature, humidity, water intake, etc.), optimizes your plants’ growth for you, and lets you know if there is anything you need to know or do. Kelby makes gardyning black-thumb-proof!
  • Going on vacation? Gardyn’s unique “Vacation Mode” is able to “pause” your plants while you are away: it slows your plants’ metabolism and keeps them fresh and fine for when you come back. Free to enjoy healthy produce whenever you are at home!
  • The Gardyn Home series has been designed as a piece of natural art for your home and relies on top-quality materials: brushed aluminum, bamboo, recyclable food-grade plastics, compostable yCubes. Sustainability is at the heart of it.


At Gardyn, picking plants is simple. Choose from 50+ organic, non-GMO varieties in the Gardyn App, plug the capsules (we call them yCubes) in your Gardyn Home, and the system takes care of it all. 


Enjoy tasty and pure produce from leafy greens, herbs, peppers, strawberries, eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more. Rediscover the taste of what our grandmas used to grow in your living room.


Gardyn Home 2.0 is available now on our website here

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