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Flowers That Don’t Wilt and Die. Now, That’s Some Gardyn Magic.

Published May 1, 2020

Last week, we officially introduced flowers into our Gardyn plant lineup. We have six beautiful varieties available today and more coming soon. You can learn more about Gardyn flowers here. However, there is a secret about Gardyn flowers that most people don’t realize.

Great Beauty on Your Gardyn and Throughout the Home

It will be obvious to anyone that adding flowers to your Gardyn will add even more beauty to the lively colors already present from the fruits and vegetables. Some Gardyners are considering a second Gardyn just as a flower showpiece. However, I want to point out that the flowers are not just for your Gardyn.

Gardyn is the first in-home growing solution designed to be truly plug-and-play. Everyone knows you can just insert a yCube into the Gardyn and it starts growing. That ease of use is a key reason why so many people that have never gardened before are now confident they can successfully grow their own food. But, that is just part of the plug-and-play story. 

The yCube is seen as the rockwool square in the image that is currently in the yPod which is being inserted into the Gardyn. This modular system gives Gardyn unmatched versatility for all plants and is particularly useful for flowers. 

The yCube with the seeds is added to a yPod which then slides into the Gardyn. The yPod is something you don’t see in any other products. It enables you to remove the entire plant without disturbing the root system and easily move it to a new location. That location could be another slot in your Gardyn or to your counter if you are ready to harvest some veggies; or, it could be to a vase to display your flowers in rooms throughout your home. 

Keeping Your Flowers Alive By Keeping Them Growing

When you have fresh cut flowers, the cutting separates the stems from the root system. This starts the rapid process of dying. Gardyn enables an entirely new approach. The yPods enable you to move your flowers while keeping the root system intact. You can just place the yPod in a vase with water where the root system will continue to flourish enabling the flowers to remain vibrant and growing. 

At any time, you can return the yPod with the flowers to the Gardyn. And, we provide a silicone sleeve that fits nicely around your yPod so you won’t even spill water while transporting the flowers between the Gardyn and your vase. 

New Ideas for Growing at Home

This is one of the many ways that Gardyn is bringing new ideas to growing plants that help reconnect us to nature and bring more beauty into our daily lives. You can have multiple harvests from single plants for your fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and you can have long-life for your blooming flowers by enabling them to keep growing even while they adorn different rooms in your home. 

You can learn more about our new flowers and the special Gardyn Flower edition available for Mother’s Day by clicking the button below. 

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