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Don’t Let Inflation Dictate Your Diet – Take Control of Your Food Source

Published May 31, 2022

Inflation. It’s hitting all of us right now, and it’s hitting hard, remaining at a near 40-year high in April.

With the cost of just about everything going up, we’re combing our budgets to find the areas we have control over and what we need to cut down on (or go without). You may not be able to get rid of your commute or quit paying for gas (with prices at an all-time high), but in many ways, you can control what and how you eat.

With delays in the supply chain causing shelves to empty, and the cost of what’s remaining continuing to climb, now is the time to take control of your food source. People are turning back to the Victory Gardens of their grandparents. These days, With today’s fast-paced lifestyle there’s limited time for maintenance, consumer’s are looking for new ways to do so, ways that accommodate busy lives and hectic schedules. Here enters Gardyn. Designed for ease of use, Gardyn fits into two square feet, is “plug-n-play,” and comes with Kelby, the “Smart Gardening Assistant” in Gardyn’s app, who keeps a watchful eye over your plants through built-in cameras. With a nursery designed to optimize germination, lights and water set (and adjusted) by the app, and messages reminding you to “Harvest!” or “Add water to your tank,” having a Gardyn removes many barriers while providing security

That said, you get to keep the fun parts. Anytime you wish, you can walk over and interact with the living plants growing on your Gardyn, something you don’t get at the grocery store. Your food is fresher, and the boost in beauty and greenery lifts the mood and gives an energy boost. Let’s not forget the higher nutrition either.

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While we hope this trend doesn’t last forever, it’s forecasted to continue for a while. So while you may be cutting back in terms of spending, switching to a Gardyn actually gives you more for less. More food, more nutrition, more savings in your pocketbook. Savings we hope help you feel more secure, better fed, and able to do things you love. 

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