A Look Back at 2021

Published Dec 30, 2021

A Lot Happened in 2021.

Nasa landed a rover on Mars (again!), the climate change conference took place in Glasgow, and pictures of a chilly Bernie Sanders with giant mittens went viral. 

A lot happened at Gardyn too. We started the year with one Gardyn (Gardyn 1.0), a small team, and big dreams for the year ahead. We’re thrilled to say our community has expanded. Many new members took on different roles such as “the cucumber guy” and “the vegan chef.” Sharing recipes, stories, plants they’ve grown, tales of their pets, children, meals together, and surprises along the way (like that time a Gardyn employee found her lizard honing in on a tasty snack). We watched as small acts of care added beauty and intentionality to the creative ways Gardyners used their harvests. Little moments throughout the day, such as “when you turn your breakfast bagel into art with a little help from the Gardyn (dill, cilantro, watercress, borage flowers),” a recipe one of our Facebook members shared, changed the way we thought about our time. .

Our “Gardyners” Facebook group grew to over 5100 members, with our support staff sizing up to match so we can be there to provide answers to questions, suggestions, and inspiration. From Alaska to New York To Florida, Gardyners shared photos of happy plants in happy homes. 

Our “Gardyn Grows For Good” (also known as “G3) launched in July, and we had so much fun watching the clever ways recipients have used their Gardyns. Schools, a food pantry, and organizations that work to feed the homeless and low-income families (read a recent post about the culinary program at Ocean View High School here), all helped feed those in need. Tria Connell and “Save-A-Bunny,” a program that feeds and nurtures rescued bunnies (read Tria’s story), was one of many who’s story touched our hearts. 


We are so proud of all the Gardyners who joined in reducing our environmental impact. These numbers are a big deal! Together we made a real change and look forward to doing even better in 2022!

Equal to:

Enough water to fill 18 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
Enough produce to fill two Statues of Liberty.
The CO2 emissions the average American car emits in 386,975 miles.
Enough pesticides to cover a small island. 

We went on to launch a whole new Gardyn (Gardyn 2.0), just in time for the holidays and heard the ways Gardyns are improving the lives of those who’ve added them to their homes. With an improved design and elegant vine building on the existing beauty, we loved hearing the way people made their Gardyns a focal point to gather around. 


Stories of slowing down, reconnecting to plants, and more time spent together growing and cooking were shared. Many with autoimmune diseases and other health issues were thrilled to find themselves feeling better from the nutrient-dense plants Gardyn grows. Sophie Banton, an avid Gardyner and mom of young daughter Ari, watched her daughter’s Asthma lessen to the point that she’s been able to stop medications. “It’s been a complete change,” Sophie says. “You can see the difference in her complexion.” 

One of our favorite things to see is the different homes Gardyns find their way to. Tiny studios and grand open floor plans alike welcomed a bit of nature inside. “It opened up a whole new world for me, Gardyning, which is something I thought I would never enjoy,” shared a member on our Facebook group. 

Many spoke about how Gardyn improved their health in unexpected ways, such as with SAD, autoimmune disorders, and Asthma. Fresh, nutrient-dense and pesticide-free food delivered a huge boost in health and energy in a flavorful way that makes eating healthy easy and delicious. 

Listening to the delight our Gardyners have received from owning a Gardyn, and all of the benefits brought to their lives is what keeps us moving forward. And it’s we’re looking forward to most in 2022.

Until then, Happy New Year from the Gardyn team. Here’s to a bigger, brighter year ahead!

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