5 Ways to Use Fresh Herbs with Chef Katie McCall

Published May 20, 2021

You’ve just harvested fresh, nutritious, and flavorful fruits, herbs, and vegetables from your Gardyn… now what do you do with it?

We love bringing you recipes inspired by our favorite chefs (We’re slightly obsessed with Gaby from What’s Gaby Cooking?) and now, we’re featuring Gardyn exclusive meals that are easy to prepare and boast flavors you’re going to dream about later…

Food writer, chef, and entrepreneur, Katie McCall serves up 5 creative ways to use your freshly snipped herbs, fruits, and veggies.

#1 - Herb Caprese Salad

Serves: 4 – 6 (Inspired by “What’s Gaby Cooking”)

We couldn’t help but put our own spin on Gaby’s dish. While a traditional Caprese salad highlights one main herb — basil — we amped up the classic by adding brightness with chopped cilantro, parsley, dill and chives. The best part about this recipe? Any combination of herbs will result in a flavorful, healthy dish that’s a stunner when plated.

#2 - Roasted Carrots + Parsley-Yogurt Sauce

Serves 4-6 (Gardyn Original Recipe curated by Katie McCall)

When roasted, carrots release their natural sugars and become as sweet as honey once fully caramelized. We’ve balanced this beautiful flavor with a tangy yogurt sauce that’s bursting with fresh parsley and a warm hint of cumin, giving it a Middle Eastern flair. 

#3 - Tinto de Verano + Lavender Flower Ice Cubes

Variable servings (Gardyn Original Recipe curated by Katie McCall)

Tinto de Verano is often misread as a sangria, however, this summer-summoning Spanish beverage hits the spot during outdoor soirees minus the segments of fresh fruit.

Wow your guests and elevate this season’s sips with lavender flower ice cubes! As the cubes melt into the red wine-lemonade mixture, you’re left with a juicy (and oh-so-refreshing) cocktail, laced with subtle floral notes. 

#4 - Herb-Infused Berry Salad

Serves 6 (Gardyn Original Recipe curated by Katie McCall)

We can’t think of a better way to highlight berries at their peak of freshness than with this gorgeous, glistening summer salad. The sweet, juicy gems are coated in a simple dressing of honey, lime juice and fresh mint — taking it way beyond your basic fruit salad. 

#5 - Individual Herbed Baked Eggs

Serves 1 (Gardyn Original Recipe curated by Katie McCall)

Who says brunch has to be for a large crowd? Wake up and treat yourself with this simple yet elegant egg dish. Creamy, garlicky and full of fresh herbs, this small but mighty plate packs a serious punch of flavor in every bite — and is guaranteed to satisfy any Sunday morning ritual. 

About the Chef:

Katie McCall joins the Gardyn table on a mission to inspire and explore a “kinder” and more sustainable approach to living.

Food writer, Le Cordon Bleu grad,  gluten-free bakery owner, and editor of Two Wild Seeds, Katie McCall has roots working with restaurants on the Michelin’s Bib Gourmand list in Chicago, Illinois.


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