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5 Emotions Gardening Brings Out in You

Published Aug 19, 2021

There’s a reason gardening is such a big phenomenon and some holistic therapies are starting to include “green care” – a strategy that includes introducing horticultural interactions with people to enhance connection and relieve stress and anxiety.

Gardening as a whole provides a variety of health benefits including an increase of serotonin and boost in air quality. Combined with nutritional upgrades to everyday meals, the mental health rewards are just as important. In fact, you can have your own horticultural therapy session right in your own home when you’re interacting with your Gardyn…here’s how.

If you’re looking for:

Satisfaction - Trim some leaves

It’s oddly satisfying to tend to your Gardyn. Kelby, your Gardyning assistant, alerts you to root and leaf trimming time, but you can take the initiative to spruce up your plants and boost some endorphins. Clipping the oldest, largest leaves at the bottom of the plant (the ones that discolor or start to die when the plant matures) satisfies the sense of touch, allows for a feeling of nurturing, and ultimately, achievement.

Peace - Just add water

The sound of water promotes relaxation, hence the reason spas and wellness centers frequently add hydrotherapy to their list of services. Refilling your tank with water allows you to hit the pause button on life while diving into the gentle flow of water.

Joy - Look for new growth

There’s an absolute feeling of happiness and accomplishment in watching things grow. Check in on plants and explore leaves for new buds and blooms. Take a tour around the Gardyn, separate leaves, and give an entire once-over of each plant’s progress. The first sight of a baby sweet pepper elicits a feeling of exhilaration and anticipation of what’s to come.

Patience - Grow flowering and fruiting plants

We live in a world where everything is immediate. If you’re looking to master the art of letting go, flowering plants are a fantastic exercise in understanding the journey to tranquility. Flowers take longer to germinate, but so worth the wait once you experience the colorful blooms and fragrant aroma. Fruiting plants need your help to pollinate so the fruits can form, requiring us to be the bee or the wind that pollinates them. Once you see flowers, swirl the inside with a cotton swab, paintbrush, or better yet, the tip of your finger to pollinate them.

Adventure - Try a new variety

Choose a fruit or vegetable you’ve never heard of before from the Gardyn plant portfolio. Research its origin, look up new recipes, and take time to sample the plant – in the raw. First, notice the smell and see if you can identify any familiar ones. Next, take a bite and let your tastebuds explore any subtleties you didn’t recognize with your nose. Allow the food to linger – enjoying each new zing to your palette. We eat too fast anyway, so allowing a multi sensory experience to happen awakens a new appreciation for indulging in fresh food…

Stepping out of a constant virtual existence and starting to connect with nature and other human beings is good for the mind. 

As the season changes and we spend more time in our homes, inviting nature inside is an excellent way to reap the benefits of having a relationship with an outdoor landscape. We encourage you to invite family and friends to experience the connection you have with your Gardyn! It’s a memory-making experience that will last a lifetime.

What kind of emotional connection have you experienced growing and interacting with nature?

We’d love to know!

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