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Mint has antimicrobial properties making it great for use in oral health products as it contributes to fresh breath, simply chewing on a mint leaf can be incredibly refreshing. Mint is known to increase mental alertness and wakefulness.


Care & Harvest:

Days to sprout: 10 – 21 days 

Matures in: 60 – 75 days

Taste it for: 4 – 12 weeks

  • Mint starts slow and small: need a bit of patience. However, as soon as the roots have developed enough to catch the nutrients, it will grow and proliferate fast, so do not hesitate to trim to keep it as a bush (and push the plant to grow lateral stems).  
  • Once it flowers the plant will lose some oils and flavor, so cut off buds before they have the chance to bloom. When the plant grows to about 1 foot, prune at the end of the stem to avoid buds and make it grow as a bush. Do not harvest lateral leaves but only terminal parts to avoid to grows too big.
  • For small amounts, you can harvest a few sprigs of mint at a time.  Large amounts should be harvested at time of pruning. 
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