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Originally from the Mediterranean region, lavender was already used by the Romans to preserve linen and perfume baths. In Provence, lavender was used in the Middle Ages for the preparation of perfumes and medicines.


Care & Harvest

Days to Sprout: 15 – 30 days

Matures In: 100 – 110 days

To promote stockier growth when young, cut the plant back by one-third once it has reached about 6 to 8 inches in height. The flowers may bloom a bit later, but there will be more of them.

If you are using lavender to make essential oil, trim lavender when the flowers open. The oils are strongest when the flowers are young.

When pruning your lavender, use a very clean hand pruner or shears to avoid bacterial disease. Avoid the use of craft scissors as they don’t make a clean cut.


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