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Complete Accessory Bundle

This comprehensive bundle gives you all the key accessories to maximize your Gardyning experience for a thriving and healthy Gardyn.


The Complete Accessory Bundle includes:

  • A Microgreens Complete Kit (Gardyn Sprout Nursery included) – The included Gardyn Sprout Nursery boosts germination speed and success so you can enjoy more yCube and Microgreen harvests sooner. Includes the most flexible microgreens system ever – choose how much and what you grow, every time.
  • HydroBoost – HydroBoost is a plant-based water treatment that lowers pH, balances plant nutrients, and reduces the need for more intensive Gardyn cleanings
  • yCovers – 5 pack (White) – These stylish silicone inserts fit perfectly on Gardyn yCubes to block light, preventing unwanted growth on yCubes’ surface
  • Plant Belt – 3 pack – The Plant Belt gives your taller and more top-heavy plants the support they need.
  • Gardyn Cap – 5 pack (White) – A must-have for those growing fewer than 30 plants at a time, our Caps are designed to fit seamlessly into your empty slots
  • Trellis – 3 pack – The Gardyn Trellis easily snaps to your Gardyn column to support vining plants



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