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As with most dark leafy greens, arugula is high in a variety of nutrients. 

  • High in vitamin C, A, K.
  • High in calcium, potassium and folate.
  • Good source of iron.




Care & Harvest:

Days to sprout: 4 – 8 days 

Matures in: 30 – 40 days

Taste it for: 4 – 5 weeks

  • The leaves can be clipped individually or the whole plant can be harvested. The leaves taste best when the plant is young and can be harvested once they are 2-3 inches long. 
  • When the plant begins flowering, arugula leaves become bitter… That’s when you know the plant is done and it’s time to replace it. 
  • For ongoing harvests, cut off the outer leaves at a point close to the base once the leaves are large enough.  You can also let the leaves grow and harvest them at full size when they’re 4 to 6 inches long. Larger leaves have a stronger flavor.



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