The “New” Normal – How Gardyn Can Help Make Sustainable Living Possible

Published Jun 21, 2021

How can you stay healthy as life moves back to normal and restrictions recede? We want our “new” normal to be better than the old one. And with Garydn it’s possible, in ways you never imagined. The future of food is all about taste, unparalleled nutrition, and sustainability.

Good tech grows food. Great tech changes the quality of what you eat, how you live, and how we as a community, can positively impact the planet.

Here are 5 ways Gardyn can help make sustainable and healthy living possible moving into your “new” normal.

#1 - Gardyn’s a nutritional game-changer.

This is not your average produce. Gardyn harvests have 30% more nutrients on average than store-bought because your food is harvested at the height of their nutritional value. Your food isn’t traveling across the country for weeks. It’s traveling seconds across the kitchen to your plate. Food from Gardyn is also 100% pesticide-free, organic, and grown from non-GMO seeds.

It’s easy to eat healthy with Gardyn and make sustainable changes to your lifestyle that last instead of fizzle out over time.

#2 - Gardyn creates greater connections with loved ones.

Connection. We crave it more than ever now, and not virtually – we want the real thing. It’s important for people to have a direct connection with reality, and Gardyn provides a pillar through food. From enhancing the 5 senses through the smell of fresh herbs to harvesting together and preparing meals with friends, Gardyn re-establishes a human connection with those around us.

#3 - Gardyn gives you more time to do the things you love.

No mess, no sweat. With Kelby (your personal growth assistant) you have master gardener capabilities with no green thumb required. Hours spent tending to a traditional garden can now be spent exploring everything your world has to offer. Without abandoning your nutrition.

#4 - Gardyn helps the planet. One harvest at a time.

Food waste has environmental consequences, which means we need to reimagine the current food paradigm. While that sounds like a daunting task as an individual, small steps and re-routing the way we source our food makes a big impact if we ban together.

Food should not be optimized for production or supply chain to travel extreme distances. It should be grown locally, have little impact on our planet, be free of pesticides, and be grown for its intended quality in nutrition and taste – for human beings, not transport. 

Gardyn consumes 95% less water than traditional agriculture, uses a 75W light-bulb of power on average, dispenses no pesticides, and doesn’t add to CO2 emissions.

Now, that’s some good growing.

#5 - Gardyn provides community.

A vibrant community of Gardyners around the country chat daily about how they’re using Gardyn in their lives with recipes, support, and stories of success. Beyond personal nutritional benefits, Gardyners are venturing out into their communities, sharing harvests, connecting with nature more than ever before, and taking steps to change the food paradigm.

This is just the beginning of a revolution in the way we provide easy access to healthy food and promote living a more harmonious lifestyle. Let’s make this new world that opens to us so much better. Let’s reimagine how we treat ourselves, each other, and our planet. 

Innovative and sustainable solutions shape the future of food. And Gardyn’s got you covered.

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