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The G3 Initiative: Gardyn Grows for Good

Published Jul 21, 2021

After the state of Texas suffered a power outage crisis in February 2021, the Gardyn community instantly expressed concern and offered support for fellow Gardyners. Overjoyed by the compassion of our community to help neighbors in struggling communities, we thoughtfully created the G3 Initiative: Gardyn Grows for Good.

Fresh, nutritious food is essential for human health and wellbeing. At Gardyn, it’s our mission to make it as accessible and sustainable as possible. For today and for the future.

We’re giving 20 Gardyn Home devices to philanthropic organizations and people working to give a hand up, responding to the needs of their communities – AND – partnering to give these amazing stewards a positive platform to share their story and rally support for their cause.

How to apply:

  1. Fill out the G3 Application in the link above.
  2. Create a testimonial video and provide 3 – 5 images of your critical work by uploading them to the provided Gardyn Google drive in the G3 “Thank you for your Application” email.
  3. All applications due by 8/31/21. Winners will be notified the week of 9/13/21.

We have the means to offer something better with no impact, so why not do it? We’re at the time now that we know solutions exist and we know we can sustainably reclaim nature and bring food to people in all corners of the planet.”

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