Gardyn Wins 2020 Sustainability Product of the Year Award

Published Sep 10, 2020

I am very proud to share with you that Business Intelligence Group has awarded Gardyn the Sustainability Product of the Year award for 2020. Gardyn is dedicated to introducing revolutionary technology that reimagines how we provide access to healthy food, grown locally, that minimizes impact on the environment. We are excited that we can provide consumers with a real alternative to grow fresh produce at home, that requires no space, no time, and no green thumb. It is better for You, and better for the Planet!

Reimagining the Food Supply Chain with Hybriponics

It is exciting to receive recognition for our HybriponicTM innovation from an organization that cares about sustainability and the companies that are turning ideas into solutions. When I was researching how to further localize access to fresh produce in order to improve the nutrient quality available to consumers while also reducing the effects of carbon emissions and pesticide use from factory farming, both hydroponic and aeroponic growing techniques seemed like good options. What I found was that neither would generate a sufficient quantity of high quality produce in a suitable spatial footprint. These techniques simply take up too much floor space to be easily added to many suburban homes and are just impractical for urban apartments if you want to feed a family with a steady supply of fresh produce.

That realization led to the development of Gardyn’s Hybriponic growing system which borrows from both hydroponic and aeroponic techniques. The result is a vertical garden that produces large quantities of fresh produce monthly but requires only two square feet of space. A Gardyn is small enough to fit in any room and even a hallway as some of our customers have demonstrated.

To really have an impact and reduce our reliance on factory farming, I knew that we would need to reduce the barriers to adoption. High density vertical gardening that was previously impractical suddenly became viable with Hybriponics. Two years of research alongside our collaborators at McGill University in Montreal validated our positive results and six months of customer feedback is even more gratifying since that proved what we saw in the lab was indicative of what you can expect in the home. Further validation by Business Intelligence Group of Gardyn’s impact on sustainability is a wonderful and unexpected development.

It’s Time for Sustainable Change

We are at a crossroads. It is urgent that we reinvent our food supply chain and production methods to rediscover what food should be about – fresh, tasty, nutritious, accessible, and grown sustainably. We must choose how we want to feed the world because factory farming is at odds with sustainability. Pesticide runoff, herbicide overuse, and CO2 emissions from farm equipment and transporting produce to distant markets are a threat to our health and ecosystems.

The produce we eat is typically harvested weeks or even months before it is ripe, making it nearly impossible to get fresh foods at their peak nutrition. Gardyn’s innovative technologies enable anyone to grow fresh produce in their home organically and sustainably. This means less reliance on factory farming and its unsustainable unintended consequences. It also means a reduction in CO2 emissions and chemical runoff, and restoration of nutrition to our plates as food grown at home displaces produce from factory farms. Gardy is reimagining the future of our planet and food for a cleaner tomorrow.

Gardyners grew over 20,000 pounds of fresh produce in their homes in just our first six months of operation. I am looking forward to that soon being millions of pounds per month. That will have a big impact on our planet because the food will be sourced as locally as it gets – right from your own home. Our customers are creating a more sustainable future, one delicious meal at a time. I encourage you to give it a try. There is no risk as there is a 60-day return policy. Drop us a note if you have any questions.

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