Honoring Earth Day

Published Apr 22, 2022

It’s been 52 years since Earth Day was made an international holiday. During all that time passed, it’s easy to forget the enormous importance of pausing today to consider things.

Originally proposed as “a day to honor the earth and the concept of peace,” it serves as a reminder to take the time to appreciate what we have and to identify what we can do to be kind stewards of our home.

Our planet, where we live, eat, love, and play, provides us with everything we need to exist. The effects of climate change need our efforts more than ever to preserve what we have and restore what we can. We can do simple things in our day-to-day lives (such as lowering the heat), but more importantly, we must determine how we can have a real effect. 

Whether that means changing the way you shop to fuel the good efforts out there, teaching your children the value of nature, or altering the way you eat, your actions radiate outward.

Visual image of sustainability on Earth Day

At Gardyn, we believe changing the food paradigm is a major way to preserve land, reduce emissions, save water, and change many other dysfunctional systems to a sustainable way to feed everyone fresh, nutritious food. It’s where we focus our efforts and aim to have the most impact.

It’s important to spend time honoring the earth in order to remember the wonder we live in. Whether you sit in the sun with a friend, take the kids to the beach, or spend the day looking for small beauties, we hope you enjoy our beautiful planet today and every day. 

How do you celebrate Earth Day? Tag us on Instagram at: @GardynTech to see the different ways Gardyners celebrate.  

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