5 fresh and spring-like DIY gifts from the Gardyn

Published Apr 15, 2021

The Gardyn gives a lot more than fresh food and fragrant herbs. In fact, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can produce from your Gardyn, 

We’re all about bonds and finding ways to connect with the people you love. From simple spa night perks to gifts from the heart, there’s so much more to explore with Gardyn.


Forget store bought for special occasions and tap into your own floral shop using a variety of beautiful blooms from your Gardyn.

PRO TIP: Did you know you can easily pluck a yCube of flowers from the Gardyn and place in a vase of water? Yep! They will grow for weeks…

White Petunias make for a carefree floral arrangement.


Wondering how you can maximize your herb game beyond the occasional Herbes de Provence and spring of rosemary in a savory dish?

We absolutely love Georgia Pellegrini, food explorer and host of “Modern Pioneering”.  Her passion for creating simple farm to table meals and enthusiasm for connecting with nature is right up our alley. Armed with an outlook that each individual defines their version of “stepping off the grid”, Georgia inspires us to find more ways to build bonds and share valuable experiences with the people we love.

Enjoy open air preserving and dehydrating herb tips on Georgia’s website.


Move over, Martha Stewart. Creating a shortbread cookie wreath with fruits, flowers, and herbs with this recipe from Bon Appetit will move you to BFF rank with friends and loved ones.

Try using these ingredients from your Gardyn to decorate your iced cookie wreath:

  • Lavender
  • Strawberries
  • Chamomile petals
  • Calendula petals
  • Rosemary
  • Mint 
  • Torenia blooms (just as decoration, not edible)

Health & Wellness

Wondering what to do with all that beautiful chamomile besides indulging in your daily cup of tea?  Rebecca from Soap Deli News has an easy breezy bath salt recipe using chamomile and calendula. Give as a gift or keep for yourself! (Don’t worry, we won’t tell…)


Known for its stellar disinfecting properties, rosemary makes for a beautifully clean and naturally fragrant kitchen. Bob Villa, the trusted name in all things home improvement, features a vinegar solution infused with citrus elements and evergreen aromas.

What do you like to create from your Gardyn? We’d love to know!


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