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How to Transplant yCubes Outdoors

Did you know your Gardyn can be used as a clever tool to prepare plants for an outdoor garden? Gardyner Leah shared this side-by-side photo in the private Gardyner Group on Facebook of her transplanted cilantro and parsley.

While the exact time of year will vary by region and plant species, it’s typically safe to plant vegetables outdoors when soil temperatures are consistently above 50°F – 60°F and there isn’t risk for temperatures to drop below freezing again. At Gardyn HQ in Bethesda, Maryland, this occurs sometime in March or April. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has a handy frost date calculator to help you determine first and last frost dates  in addition to how plants will hold up in your specific climate during summer months.

So, why should I start plants indoors?

Starting plants indoors hydroponically gives them a head start to the growing season and can allow them to grow larger and yield more than if started outside. Traditional outdoor gardeners must wait for winter’s bitter chill to truly end or the ground will still be too cold to sprout new plants. You can also get ahead of the last frost date and jumpstart your plants cutting weeks off of an outdoor harvest cycle.

And sometimes even allow an extra third harvest altogether! <gasp!>

Pay attention to the specific varieties you are transplanting – some may prefer cooler temperatures and not want to be moved outdoors in the peak of summer, while some warm tropical varieties may be shocked by cooler outdoor temperatures.

We recommend consulting the Old Farmer’s Almanac Growing Guide to confirm that outdoor conditions are suitable before you transition plants outdoors.

Transplanting to outside soil is simple and we’ve got step-by-step instructions to help you through the process. Your neighbors will be scratching their heads as to how you already have growing plants, while they’re still waiting on their seeds to sprout.

Don’t keep it to yourself – tell them why!

After all, gardening is all about connecting with nature and community...


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