Gardyn Changes the Game for STEM Education

We know that food supply will directly affect our children, and there’s something we can do about it. Here are 4 reasons why Gardyn should be a part of every STEM teacher’s curriculum.

Food art ideas from the Gardyn: Gluten-free focaccia bread

Inspired by a gluten-free bread recipe on My 100-Year-Old Home, Kasey of Crafting in the Country and her daughter created this beautiful focaccia art using fresh ingredients from her Gardyn!   How do you connect with nature in your kitchen?  Don’t have a Gardyn yet? Learn more…

How to Transplant yCubes Outdoors

Starting plants indoors hydroponically gives them a head start to the growing season and can allow them to grow larger and yield more than if started outside.Transplanting to outside soil is simple and we’ve got step-by-step instructions to help you through the process.

Gardyn featured on

Patia Braithwaite

A big thank you to Patia Braithwaite, Senior Health Editor at Self Magazine for adding Gardyn to her list of 10 Indoor Garden Kits to Spruce Up Your Spring!