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As with all leafy green vegetables, tatsoi mustard is a great addition to any diet. It is high in:

– Calcium and folate, which is needed to make red and white cells in the bone marrow, and produce DNA and RNA.

– Phytonutrients, which provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. They enhance immunity and intercellular communication and help repair DNA.

– Vitamins A and C.

– Fiber.


Care & Harvest: 

Days to sprout: 5 – 10 days

Matures in: 21 days baby; 45 days full size

Taste it for: 4 – 5 weeks 

  • Tatsoi can be harvested as early as three weeks from planting for baby greens, or wait for mature leaves. 
  • The outer leaves can be harvested by cutting at least one inch above the base of the rosette to let the small inner leaves grow. Alternately, the whole plant can be harvested. 
  • Tatsoi tends to grow long roots: check from time to time and trim roots to keep them in the pod.
  • It can be cooked but it is also very good in a salad: nutty, buttery taste.
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