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Shiso is an Asian culinary herb that has been a long standing staple of Chinese herbal medicine. While technically a member of the mint family, Shiso has incredibly broad leaves and a complex flavor that combines savory cumin and nutmeg with lighter herbal notes of mint and anise.


Care & Harvest

Days to Sprout: 7 – 14 days

Matures In: 50 – 60 days*

Taste it For: 8+ weeks*

The leaves can be harvested individually, but it’s a good idea to “top” the plant by pruning its main growth tip. This will cause your Shiso to bush up and quickly provide more leafsites for harvesting. *While Shiso fully matured in eight weeks, the leaves can be harvested when the plant is still young and growing. Just remember to harvest light and keep some leaves behind! Remove flower heads as they form to prevent seeding and encourage more leaf production.

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