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Mexican Tarragon


Also known as Winter Tarragon, this cousin of the marigold is native to Mexico and Central America. Can help calm nausea. Antifungal / antibacterial properties. Improves dreaming. Produces the terpenes cineol, estragole, ocimene, and phellandrene.


Care & Harvest

Days to Sprout: 4 – 14 days

Matures in: 75 – 85 days

Taste it For: 8 – 20 weeks

• Mexican Tarragon can grow indefinitely in your Gardyn, but it might be time to grow a new seed if your plant is looking stressed after a few harvests.

• Wait until your plant is at least 8” long before harvesting.

• Harvest by cutting the top 4-6” off the branches. It’s important to leave enough branch remaining for the plant to continue growing.

• Optionally, wait until the branch blooms before harvesting to collect edible flowers and leaves.

• Pluck or cut leaves and flowers off harvested branches to use fresh.

• To dry for long-term storage, tie the fresh branches together and hang-dry until the branches snap instead of bend before stripping off the leaves and flowers.

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