Thinning Sprouts

To give the best chances of germination success, each yCube is seeded with multiple seeds. Sometimes all of the seeds end up sprouting which can be too many for the space.

Thinning is the practice of removing the weakest sprouts from a planting site and leaving behind the strongest one or two. This works best with plants that grow largely and unruly, like tomatoes and peppers.

While purely optional in terms of plant health, thinning does have some significant benefits for growth rate and Gardyn aesthetics. Thinning gives even access to light and nutrients where un-thinned groups may have inconsistencies with some plants getting access to all the light but having to share nutrients with the weaker plants they shade.

Instead of Gardyn’s growing unruly, thinning helps keep things organized and clean so it’s easier to maintain your plants. Pollinating, pruning, defoliating, and inspecting for pests becomes much easier when there’s only one or two plants growing per yCube. The remaining plants will also be enabled to thrive with access to the resources the weaker plants were using!


It’s best to thin your plants when they’re young, but established.


Carefully using your fingernails or small scissors, snip seedlings at the base starting with the smallest.


Remaining plants will thrive with access to the resources the weaker plants were using. 

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