Plant Food Usage


Too much plant food can hamper germination and hurt your plants. Make sure you do not add more than the recommended amount and at the right time--Kelby will let you know what you should do and when in the app. START YOUR GARDYN WITH NO PLANT FOOD!

Start Your Gardyn with No Plant Food

Fill the tank with fresh tap water up to the max level. No plant food should be added at this stage.

ON THE 10th DAY: Kelby will remind you it's time to feed your plants for the first time!

Top off your tank with water to the max level and add 3 level teaspoons of plant food. You will find the teaspoon in the accessory bag. Kelby will remind you of this, so don’t worry!

FROM THEN ON: Add 1 level teaspoon per 2 gallons of water.

From now on, each time you add water follow this rule of thumb: for every 2 gallons of water added, add 1 level teaspoon of plant food.

General Recommendations

  • Dissolve plant food in warm water before adding it to the tank to improve its uptake by the plants.
  • Make sure to refill the water tank regularly to ensure greater stability in plant food concentration.
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