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Pest Control Tips

It's easy to control pests like Aphids, Gnats, and Mites in a safe and natural way using an organic spray. You can do it yourself at home or buy a ready-to-use organic pesticide.


Mix Soap Spray or Ready-to-Use Organic Pesticide

Homemade Soap Spray

  1. In a 32 oz spray bottle, mix:
  2. Top off the bottle with tap water
  3. Shake the bottle before spraying


Ready-to-Use Organic Pesticide

You can buy an organic and safe insecticide that requires no mixing and is ready for use. Sierra Natural Science makes pesticides perfect for home use that are kid-safe and pet-friendly.


Spray Plants & Repeat


Turn off your Gardyn’s lights before spraying and leave them off for 30 minutes after.


Spray both the top and bottom of the leaves (apply liberally to simulate a rainstorm).


Re-apply the spray once every two days as long as you see any pests.


Wash plants after harvest to remove any soap residue.


Check for pests regularly as they can be attracted to the powerful flavors and aromas of certain plants! If you see any of them back, spray immediately. Don’t wait for them to multiply.

After mixing a new spray, test a small leaf before applying to the whole plant to be sure the spray isn’t too strong. Wait 30 minutes, then check the test area for signs of burning or yellowing.