Financing Available - Now as low as $39/mo

Financing Available - Now as low as $39/mo

July Plant Release: Mini Strawberries, Red Amaranth, and Chervil

The possibilities to enhance meal planning with homegrown ingredients are endless with Gardyn. Each month we’re delighted to bring new varieties to your Gardyning portfolio and even more fresh food to your plate!


Three new plants have arrived for your Gardyn including adorable Mini Strawberries, Red Amaranth (which boasts a powerhouse of antioxidants), and Chervil – a classic French cooking staple. 


Want to deep dive into our new varieties? Visit the Gardyn Plant Book for growing and nutritional info, plus harvest to plate recipes. 

Mini Strawberries

These berries might be small, but the Alexandria Strawberry more than makes up for it in flavor. An Alpine type (Fragaria vesca) known for its abundant harvest of sweet, flavorful berries, Alexandria strawberries are a versatile fruit. Enjoyed raw or prepared with fresh greens, granolas and cereals, cheeses, desserts, or even muddled in a refreshing beverage.

Plan on consuming these little berries quickly after harvest, as they do not store well for extended periods of time.


While most people wait for the reward of this flavorful fruit, the white blossoms on the strawberry plant are also edible and can add a visual delight to salads.

Red Amaranth

Amaranth leaves have been hailed as the (more tender) superfood successor to kale.
Red Amaranth in particular is a powerhouse of antioxidants and contains more protein, iron, and calcium than spinach.


Amaranth leaves and stems are typically eaten raw or cooked, similar to spinach. They have a rich, earthy, and grassy taste. Red Amaranth’s flowers produce a grain that is also edible and has a delicate nutty flavor.



The flavor of Chervil has been described as a cross between tarragon and parsley, with subtle hints of licorice or anise. Chervil is a staple in French cooking, it’s part of the aromatic blend “Les Fines Herbs” and may also be included in “Les Herbs de Provence”.

Chervil is a versatile herb that can make everyday staples, such as eggs or potatoes, more flavorful and exciting. Be sure to use Chervil fresh as flavor notes are lost during drying or prolonged heating.

How do you introduce new flavors to your family? We’d love to know!

It’s exciting to grow with your own personal farmer’s market, isn’t it? Providing fresh homegrown food not only gives you nutritious options at your fingertips, growing independently gives you peace of mind knowing where your food is coming from.


Gardyn members enjoy 10 new plants a month, free shipping, and access to Kelby, your own personal Gardyn Assistant.


Not a member? You should join us! Discover how you can grow with confidence with Gardyn.


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