Do I need a water connection?

You do not need a water connection for the Gardyn! The Gardyn comes with a 6 gallon reservoir, which you will need to fill periodically with fresh water and plant food. If you are a member, Kelby will remind you if you need to add water.

Will the Gardyn work without WiFi?

Without WiFi, the Gardyn will run on its default settings, which include our recommended automatic lighting and watering schedule. Before pairing your Gardyn to WiFi, these are the settings your Gardyn will operate on, and your plants will do just fine with these settings!

Once you have paired your Gardyn to your WiFi network and can view your settings in the Gardyn app, you will be able to adjust your Gardyn’s automatic lighting and watering schedule to suit your lifestyle. If you like to turn your WiFi off, your Gardyn will run on its remembered settings even if it has lost connection to your network. Once your Gardyn has paired to your WiFi, you will not need to re-pair it unless you replace your router or update its settings.

How big is a Gardyn? Can it fit in a studio apartment?

The Gardyn can definitely fit in any home, regardless of size or square feet. It was designed to grow large quantities of food on a very small footprint: 2 feet wide by 1 foot deep. It is 5'4" tall. In a studio apartment, you will want to make sure you are comfortable with having lights on for 14 hours for best plant growth. You can adjust the lighting schedule to suit your lifestyle using our guide here.

What does it need to work?

The Gardyn needs access to a 110V power outlet to run on its default settings. To connect the Gardyn to the Gardyn app and use its full functionality to customize the automated schedules, you will need a 2.4 GHz WiFi network band. If your router is 5 GHz, you may be able to create a 2.4 GHz guest network. You can also purchase a TP Link Extender to make any router compatible with the Gardyn. The Gardyn App requires a phone or smart device with operating systems iOS 10 or Android 4.1 and up.

What comes with my Gardyn?

Your Gardyn will come in two boxes:

The larger box contains the Gardyn’s main components, including the columns, tank, and pump, as well as an assembly manual to help you put it together. You will also receive an assortment of 30 plants (yCubes) and plant food so that you can start growing immediately. The box contains an accessory bag with 6 pod caps to close slots that are currently not growing any plants and a silicon sleeve to easily handle your plants for harvesting.

The smaller box contains the Gardyn’s LED grow lights and attached cameras, which allow you to monitor your plants from anywhere in the Gardyn app.

Where should I set up my Gardyn?

Gardyn can grow anywhere in your home as long as there is a power outlet and access to your WiFi network. Two LED grow lights are included in your Gardyn, so you will not need to worry about providing sunlight. It can even grow in a basement! We recommend you choose a place that is temperate and dry (most rooms in your place should be) with limited temperature variation (65-75F). The Gardyn is designed to be against or close to a wall as the light can be bright and should not be looked at directly.

The Gardyn is specifically designed for indoor growing and as such should not be placed outdoors. A covered patio will also experience too many temperature fluctuations to ensure healthy plants.

Do I need to secure the Gardyn to the wall?

Every Gardyn comes with a wall strap to allow you to easily fasten it to the wall. The Gardyn is designed to balance even when full of heavy plants, but we recommend securing it to the wall as an additional safety precaution, particularly if you have young children or pets.

What type of phone do I need for the Gardyn App?

The Gardyn App requires a phone or smart device with operating systems iOS 10 or Android 4.1 and up.