Do I need a water connection?

No! You just need to add water into the reservoir from time to time and your personal Gardyner Kelby will tell you when.

Where should I install my Gardyn?

Gardyn can grow any where in your home as long as there is a power outlet and wi-fi network. It doesn't even require a minimum amount of sunlight as two LED lights are included in your Gardyn. We recommend you choose a place that is temperate and dry (most rooms in your place should be) with limited temperature variation (65F-75F). The Gardyn Home is designed to be against or close to a wall as the light can be bright and should not be looked at directly.

How big is a Gardyn? Can it fit in a studio apartment?

The Gardyn Home can definitely fit in any home, regardless of size or square feet. It was designed to grow large quantities of food on a very small footprint: 2 feet wide by 1 foot deep. It is 5'4" tall.

What does it need to work?

Gardyn only needs a 110V power outlet and Wi-Fi.

What comes with my Gardyn?

In addition to the Gardyn Home device, the box contains an assortment of 30+ plants (yCubes) and plant food so that you can start growing immediately. It also contains 6 caps (to close slots that are currently not growing any plants) and a raspberry-color sleeve to easily handle your plants for harvesting.

How do I create a Gardyn account?

You can create a Gardyn account from the Gardyn App when or before you activate the device.

Why do I need to give a credit card number when I create a Gardyn Account?

When you create your Gardyn account, we receive all the information we need to be able to ship your plants (yCubes) to you on a monthly basis. This includes your credit card details to charge the membership. The 30 days after the activation are on us, so you have 30 days to enter your payment method. If you bought a 1-year or 2-year membership, you just need to enter your purchase confirmation number.

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