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Sign up & save $150 - Click Here

Gardyn Membership

The Easiest Way to Grow Food At Home
Starting at $29 / mo

Our Monthly Membership enhances your Gardyn experience with three key benefits:

1. Order 10 New Plants a Month

2. Kelby Growing Assistant

3. Automated Growing Features

Order 10 New Plants a Month

  • Choose from 20+ varieties including new additions Swiss Chard, Watercress and Cardinale Lettuce
  • If you want more plants, they are just $1.99 each after the first 10 (all plants are $4.99 for non-members)
  • Free shipping on your monthly orders too!
  • Since many plants grow for multiple months, replacing about 10/month always keeps you Gardyn well stocked

Never Run out of Fresh Produce

In addition to exclusive savings, the Gardyn membership ensures you never run out of fresh produce. We send you a reminder each month when it is time to order new plants and what you order is completely up to you and shipping is on us! Stock up on crisp butterhead lettuce or add flowers to brighten your home during the winter. Grow what you love year round. 


"The flavor in the leaves! I have never tasted that kind of flavorful salad before. And all we do is harvest the leaves, mix them together and add a little bit of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar and it’s ready to go."

Kelby Gardyn Assistant

  • Gardyn assistant Kelby provides you with 60+ tips and tricks to maintain a lush Gardyn.
  • Helps keep your Gardyn growing fast and healthy by notifying when you need to add more water, trim the leaves, add new plants and more
  • Notifies you when it is time to harvest for peak flavor and freshness.
  • No green thumb required. Kelby learned from growing experts like the Gardyn team and university researchers to ensure an amazing Gardyn experience all year long.

No Green Thumb Required

Thanks to Kelby, even serial plant killers can grow a lush Gardyn. That’s because over the past few years, Kelby has learns from growing experts like the Gardyn team and university researchers. It has all the knowledge you need to grow fresh vegetables, greens, herbs and more. You’ll never have to Google or guess when it is time to trim the leaves or harvest. Kelby does that for you. Simply follow its instructions, and you’ll have a beautiful harvest, every time. 


"My husband can grow plants but I kill everything! For me, it’s amazing to see things grow and I don’t have to do anything, ever. The app tells me what to do…For someone who cannot grow anything, to see so much growing is amazing."

Automated Growing Features

  • Sets light and water schedule to optimize growth
  • Customizes light and water schedule to adjust to your home’s natural light and humidity
  • Vacation mode feature tends to your plants while away
  • Water pump sensors alerts Kelby when it is time to refill tank

No Guess Work. We do the Growing for You.

It’s like magic! The Gardyn home device was perfected over several years to deliver the optimal growing experience, no matter where you live. The sensors detect the light and humidity levels of your home to adjust the water and light schedule so you’ll always have fresh produce. This means you don’t have to water your plants every day or worry about the natural light in your home changing in the fall, Gardyn has you covered. 



$29 / mo



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Gardyn Grows 30 Plants in Just Two Square Feet

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