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Gardyn Changes the Game for STEM Education

Education has changed drastically as students across the world engage in learning through a variety of classrooms no longer limited to in-person instruction. STEM curriculum, an approach to learning involving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, focuses on creating the next generation of innovators. Through problem-solving and creativity, careers in STEM have grown from 24.4 % versus 4% of non-STEM jobs in the last decade, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

A new and rapidly growing industry, AgTech works to ensure sustainable energy and food options for the future, with STEM education as the precursor to foster interest in the brilliant minds of students and future stakeholders of the impending food crisis.

We know that food supply will directly affect our children.

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture states that “the production of food, feed, and fiber will need to increase by 70 percent” in order to feed the growing population of human beings slated to reach 9.6 billion people by 2050.

Most school systems have very limited agriculture, horticulture, or botany programs, and our children are growing up in a post-modern consumerist world with increasing disconnection and simulation. Our hope at Gardyn is to disrupt perceptions by breaking the supply chain and bringing the food source into reality for the consumer. It’s important for children to have a direct connection with reality, and Gardyn provides a pillar through food.

Here are four reasons why a Gardyn Home should be a part of every STEM teacher’s curriculum:


  • Gardyn opens the door to the world of Controlled Environment Agriculture [CEA]. Depending on the grade level, students can be exposed to concepts in botany like photosynthesis, cellular respiration, phototranspiration, cation/anion exchange, and nutrient solution pH and electrical conductivity. 
  • These Next-Gen Farmers will be able to manipulate different environmental conditions and observe the corresponding effect in their crops.
  • An endless array of variables to test and record across 45+ different species. 
  • Learn how to care for and manipulate plants themselves.


  • Gardyn is an IoT device that allows students to manipulate the lights and water through a smart device. 
  • Students can learn the various tech tools that are used on the Gardyn and how they work together to keep the plants healthy.
  • IoT devices are ubiquitous, but the adoption of the technology in Ag has been slow. Students will see that Ag isn’t all tractors and overalls, but can be just as exciting as Tech.

Ag isn’t all tractors and can be just as exciting as Tech! 😉


  • Students can be responsible for maintaining and checking the Gardyn to ensure its correct operation, and get direct exposure to hydroponic system assembly, disassembly, maintenance & operation. 
  • Gardyn cleverly fits a 2’ x 4’ canopy in just 2 square feet leveraging the cutting-edge design and system engineering. Exposing children to this design will create the next generation of AgTech facility engineers.


  • Gardyn tracks multiple data sets that serves as interesting math problems.
  • For example, at what age do the plants start drinking more water?
  • What is the growth rate over time at different irrigation timings? Light levels? Temperatures?
  • How can learners schedule and cycle crops to have consistent output?

Interested in learning more about Farm to School grants?

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition has an abundance of valuable resources to get educators started on planning a Farm to School Grant Program. Read more about their grassroots initiative to advance the sustainability of agriculture on their F2S grant page.

Gardyn values educators all over the world and encourage you to take advantage of our Spring Promo from April 7 – May 9th, 2021:

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  • Promotion ends 5/9/2021

Our mission is to reimagine the future of food, with a new paradigm: a fully distributed food-growing system that brings a healthier lifestyle to everyone.

Better for you, better for the Planet.

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