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Forbes Names Gardyn One of the Best In-Home Gardening Kits

Many US consumers are worried about their food supply due to the recent pandemic and are turning to alternative methods of growing produce. Forbes noticed this shift and in a recent article, listed the best in-home gardening kits for Father’s Day. Gardyn is at the top of the list due to our automation features. Our garden assistant Kelby means there is no green thumb required, as Forbes Contributor, Joni Sweet notes:

Dad won’t need to worry about babying each plant individually—this is plug-and-play system with two high-resolution cameras that analyze the plants’ development and let the gardener know the perfect time for harvest through the artificial intelligence-powered app, Kelby.

The Gardyn Home Starter Kit also landed on the list because of the bountiful harvest it produces in just two square feet, described in the article as “practically a high-tech vertical farm for your kitchen or living room.” Covid-19 has changed how we think of our food supply, whether it’s long lines at the grocery store or empty shelves. Gardyn gives you more control over where your food comes from. And it’s better for you and the planet too.


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