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A Gadget for Dad That Mom Will Love

Order by Sunday, June 14 to receive by Father's Day

A Gadget for Dad That Mom Will Love

Order by Sunday, June 14 to receive by Father's Day

The Gardyn family is growing! View our Gardyn Hero Gallery.
Real growth from real Gardyners.

Big Enough to Feed the Family

But Small Enough to Fit in Any Home or Apartment

No Green Thumb Required

Gardyn is the first plug-and-play style food growing solution. You simply pop yCubes into the slots and typically add water and nutrients to the reservoir every few weeks. The Kelby assistant monitors and optimizes growth for you, and tells you when to add water or light. Your job is simply to eat pure, delicious food. Yes, it’s like magic.

Fresh Produce Always Within Arm’s Reach

Whether you live in an urban apartment or suburban home, Gardyn only needs two square feet to grow your own personal produce aisle year-round. You’ll always have access to a bountiful harvest of nutritious and fresh produce to add to any or every meal right in your own home. No sunlight or water outlet required.

A Great Value

Stop wasting money throwing away produce that you couldn’t get to before it spoiled. Harvest only the food you need while the plant continues to grow. Your produce will always be fresh and cost far less than store-bought organic options.


"We are quite pleased with the progress our [Gardyn] has made over the past month. Our main goal of inspiring our 5 year old with it also achieved - he enjoys checking it daily!"

Greg, Gardyn Customer

Meals Taste Better with Home-Grown Produce

Grow Fresh Greens, Herbs, Fruit and Vegetables All Year-Round



We’ve handpicked our varieties to maximize taste and nutrition including plants you can’t get at your local grocery store or farmers market. Mix up your traditional spring mix with some green mustard for an extra kick or add some tatsoi to your stir-fry for a richer taste.


The beauty of Gardyn is it optimizes growth so you can harvest large quantities of typically pricey herbs to add rich, fresh flavors to any dish. Add a handful of mint to your salad for a refreshing meal or add layers of fragrant basil to a pizza to increase its nutritional value.

Perfectly Ripe Veggies & Fruits

Unlike other indoor growing systems, Gardyn has plenty of space to grow vegetables and fruits alongside greens and herbs. Grow tomatoes that taste like the end of summer all year-round and jalapeños that are the size of your hand.


The aromas of cooking are complemented by the delightful fragrances of flowers. Gardyn grows seven varieties such as petunia, lavender and torenia to add bright, natural color to your home.

How Gardyn Works


Choose Your Produce

Pick from 30+ varieties

Pop in a plant yCube

Easy as using a Keurig

Let Kelby Grow It for You

No green thumb required.

Water Every 2-4 Weeks

Kelby will tell you when

Harvest What You Need

No waste, no mess

Eat and Enjoy!

Fresh produce year round

How it Works

1 / Choose your produce

2 / Pop in a plant yCube

3 / Let Kelby grow it for you

4 / Water every 4-6 weeks

5 / Harvest only what you need

6 / Eat and enjoy!

As Low as $65 / mo. Use code DAD100 to save $100.

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