Gardyner Spotlight: Susan Butler takes her Gardyn on the road

Published Apr 28, 2021

Susan Butler can attest to Gardyn being perfect for small spaces. Her hydroponic system lives in a 42’ diesel motor home! Now that's fresh food to-go!

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Meet Susan Butler. On a mission to travel the U.S. in her motor home, there was one comfort of living in a stationary abode that Susan missed dearly. Access to fresh food.

After a year-long search for the perfect indoor growing system, Susan discovered Gardyn, and the rest is history.

Gardyn: What made you want to decide to become a Gardyner?

Susan Butler: I have always had an outside garden. Once I decided to travel the US, I missed my fresh food. I tried outdoor gardening but it was just too much with moving every 2-3 weeks. I watched and researched hydroponic gardens for almost a year before choosing the Gardyn. I believe I made the right choice!

In the Gardyners Facebook group, you’ve shared about your adventures on the road with your Gardyn. Can you tell us more about your RV and how you Gardyn on the go?

Susan: I drive a 42’ diesel motor home. When you say the Gardyn fits in any home – I can attest to that. I move my garden about two feet when I’m driving. It wedges perfectly between my bedroom and living room when my slides are pulled in. I am able to leave the lights on while I travel to my next destination.

What is your favorite plant to harvest right now and how do you use it?

Susan: My favorite plant in my Gardyn to harvest now are my tomatoes. I eat one each night as I pass by to my bed. Bonus nights there are two ready for picking! Strawberries are just starting to flower. I’m sure they’ll be my next favorite!

What is your most memorable Gardyning moment?

Susan: My most memorable Gardyning moment was when I fractured my spine and shattered my toe in Key West. I was recuperating all alone and could not get out to go shopping. Every plant was ready for harvest. Gardyn kept me healthy during my recovery time!

Fresh and thriving on the road, Gardyn goes mobile.

What most surprised you about using the Gardyn?

Susan: I have always had an outdoor garden. I can’t keep a plant alive indoors to save my soul, so much that my sons started buying me artificial plants for Mother’s Day. I’ve tried cactus, succulents, and even air plants. Gardyn has been my first ever successful attempt at growing indoors.

What advice would you give to Gardyners just starting out?

Susan: Just follow the direction and phenomenal guidance from the support team. It’s so easy and fun. I used to walk by and say “I think I just saw one grow”!  My son finally gave in and agreed this was the fastest he’s ever seen any garden grow, let alone with it being in my home!

Armed with fresh food and miles of open road, Susan sets off on another adventure.

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