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Shortly after launching in early 2020, Gardyn became the fastest growing indoor gardening solution available. The combination of hybriponic innovation (a cross between hydroponics and aeroponics) and the introduction of an AI-based gardening assistant, Kelby, enabled a solution that could grow a large quantity of food in a compact space and was as easy as making a cup of coffee. Anyone could be successful; no green thumb required. Gardyn does the growing for you. And, a Gardyn looks great in any home. 

However, Gardyn is about more than just convenience and quality food. We are a mission-driven company dedicated to improving the health of individuals and the health of our climate. Gardyns deliver fresh-produce that have higher nutrient concentrations than store-bought vegetables because you consume them at the time of harvest and not after nutrient decay. The flavor is also concentrated so the food tastes better too. And, growing even some of your own produce reduces our national dependence on factory farming, pesticide use, and food transportation that adds pollution to our shared environment. We are excited that you want to help to make people and our planet healthier by recruiting new Gardyners. 

Program highlights

  • You’ll earn a $100 commission for every person you send our way that purchases a new Gardyn.
  • From our affiliate dashboard you will be able to keep track of clicks, referred sales and commissions earned.
  • We will give you all the resources you need to succeed including promotional materials and an affiliate manager.
  • You’ll get commissions paid out 60 days after purchase which is after the free customer return period has expired.
  • We offer a sweet discount on purchasing one Gardyn for your personal use.

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