September Plant Release: Breen, Campanula, Savory and Zaatar

The possibilities to enhance meal planning with homegrown ingredients are endless with Gardyn. Each month we’re delighted to bring new varieties to your Gardyning portfolio and even more fresh food to your plate!

5 Emotions Gardening Brings Out in You

Did you know you can have your own horticultural therapy session right in your own home when you’re interacting with your Gardyn? Here are 5 emotions gardening can bring out in you.

August Plant Release: Cape Gooseberry, Red Sorrel, and Purslane

Three new plants have arrived for your Gardyn including unique Cape Gooseberry, nutritional Red Sorrel, and tender Purslane.

July Plant Release: Mini Strawberries, Red Amaranth, and Chervil

Three new plants have arrived for your Gardyn including adorable Mini Strawberries, Red Amaranth (which boasts a powerhouse of antioxidants), and Chervil – a classic French cooking staple. 

The “New” Normal – How Gardyn Can Help Make Sustainable Living Possible

How can you stay healthy as life moves back to normal and restrictions recede? We want our “new” normal to be better than the old one, and with Garydn – it’s possible, in ways you never imagined.

Fresh Food, Fresh Life, Fresh Perspective

What are you dreaming about as we head into the post-COVID summer season? Let’s make this new world that opens to us so much better and reimagine how we treat ourselves, each other, and our planet.